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Ricky's Hot Stuff can make you a custom hot sauce or simply help you to bottle your own. Use one of our of hot sauce recipes for company events, gifts or special occasions.

For restaurants and food establishments, you can sell it directly to your guests and give them a shelf-stable product they can take home. 


For companies or businesses, is the perfect gift for your special events, holiday gift baskets for your staff and customers.

 How does it work ? 

Recipe Development and Consultation

We provide assistance and feedback for your recipe, or we can simply create a custom hot sauce that aligns with your desired flavor profile.

The goal of this phase is to ultimately decide on a product that the customer wants to move forward with. 

Product samples

Samples and options will be presented. Allowing the opportunity for revisions and decision on a final product.


Different options are available and we will guide you to choose the right bottle for your hot sauce. 

Final product approval

Once the recipe and container have been selected, it's time to move onto the next stage of this process. 

Safe and shelf stable 

Our products are safe and approved by a qualified person and competent authority.

Each product needs a scheduled process and this will be submitted and approved by a processing authority.

Labeling and design

We can help you to create/design your label and make sure is compliant with the state and local regulations and that it contains nutritional information. 

If you have a logo already or a brand, this can be used and implemented on the label. Labeling price depends on label quantity and material used. 

Finished Product

At the end of this process you will have a shelf stable and quality product. Our sauces require no refrigeration, until opened. 

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